Commercial repair honing

We carry out honing repair:

Work pieces from dia 10 mm upto dia 740 mm
and length upto 2800 mm
(dependent on the dia) respectively by turning the work piece upto 3410 mm

As we operate several honing machines we provide extremely short deliveries.

For our offer we require the following data:

Number of pieces:
work piece designation:
Quality of the material ( we are honing as well nonferrous metalls):
outside dia respectively data about the outside contour in case of casting
Internal dia, condition at time of supply:
Blind or through hole ( in case of blind bore please supply run-out dimension)
Overall length / honing length in mm
Desired honing dia with tolerance: (H5, H6, H7, etc.)

Desired surface finish ( Rz,Ra, etc.)

Plateau-Honing with supporting part

yes no

Acceptance chart desired

yes no

Your office data :

Office name :
Contact person:
Code/ town: